Procrastination. Why do we do it?

Procrastination...the act of delaying something. How many of you find yourself putting off today what you said you would do yesterday, last week, last month. ME! Meeee! For sure. I think in the uncertainties and isolation occurring in the world today during this COVID 19 pandemic, that more of us are feeling this. We're stressed out. Worried. Anxious. Afraid to open that bill that came in the mail 2 weeks. Tired of arguing with your children about homework. Tired of waking up repeating the same day with the same stuck feeling. You're a spouse, parent, now home-teacher, business owner, full time employee, chef, cleaning aide, and so on. You feel like the walls are coming in upon you and you have no desire to tackle the jobs that lie in front of you. I think this is normal. You are not alone! And that is ok. Things will get better. Mighty Talks is here to provide support and to do this together, by tackling one thing at a time. I personally write down my daily goals each morning when I wake up. I check them off as I complete and at the end of the day truly assess all that I did and didn't do. Did I set unrealistic expectations, did something come up that occupied my time and attention, did I procrastinate? I think writing down short term tasks and long term goals is important. It allows the anxiety of it all to diminish, it gives you forward positive flow that you CAN do this, and it allows you to feel a sense of empowerment.

Attached is a video from Mel Robbins. She is renowned motivational speaker. She has written numerous books. She has a daytime television show. And she has changed millions of lives, including mine.

Have a listen! See you next time.