Meet Lesley

Meet Lesley

Lesley Toennies is from Illinois and is a practicing nurse anesthetist, or CRNA, for short. She is an avid lover of weightlifting, traveling, the outdoors (more specifically fresh air and the mountains), health/wellness optimization, and advocating for all those suffering from chronic pain because she herself suffered from chronic pain for many years. She was diagnosed in early 2021 with hip dysplasia, after 3+ years of misdiagnoses. She went on to have a periacetabular osteotomy in July 2021 to repair her hip dysplasia and in September 2022 had a 2nd hip procedure to remove all of the hardware in her hip. Lesley hopes to reach many people through her podcast and blog, sharing her story, and giving rejuvenating life back to so many people's daily routines! We're here to live our best life together.

Mighty Talks Podcast

Pain no longer has to hold you back and here on our Mighty Talks Podcast we talk all things that encompass chronic pain and, which is just as important, how optimizing overall health, fitness, and nutrition, can help you improve your pain scores and enhance your overall quality of life. Not only will you get to hear Lesley share her stories and experiences on the podcast, you will also get to take in some AMAZING guest interviews.

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